A Free Press Needs Your Help

Repressive governments around the world are continuing their attacks on the free and independent media -- from draconian press laws and censorship to outright murder. Millions of people are being denied their right to information and public debate by despots who fear the truth and will go to any lengths to stem the free flow of facts, figures, news and  informed opinion.

To the extent its resources permit, the World Free Press Institute is working, along with many partner organizations to train and advise journalists in fact-based reporting and help them develop skills that WFPI hopes will contribute to encouraging democracy in repressive countries and and  improving journalism in newly emerging democracies. A free press is truly the cornerstone of democracy.

Since 1997 WFPI, its officers and directors, in partnership with many prestigious foundations and organizations, have conducted training seminars and provided advisory services to journalists and journalism organizations in more than 12 countries. WFPI has also raised funds to provide bail money for independent journalists arrested and jailed for practicing their profession. In addition, WFPI, primarily through contributions from individuals, has been able to provide some independent journalists in developing countries with laptop computers as well as other hardware and software that has been used to improve their ability to gather and disseminate factual information more efficiently and effectively.

WFPI staff functions are conducted on a purely volunteer basis and no salaries or other benefits are paid to any officer or director. This permits all of WFPI's limited resources to be utilized for its programs.

Currently WFPI is developing Internet-based long-distance learning programs for journalists, a news-sharing cooperative for independent media in East Africa and a program that will provide free hosting services for local independent media websites providing some immunity from repressive governments. Some of the training programs being developed include techniques for fact-based reporting on HIV/AIDS and Malaria in Africa in an effort to improve the quantity and quality of information disseminated to widely scattered populations whose only source of information in many cases are small, independent media outlets with limited resources and skills. WFPI is also developing training programs designed to improve the independent media's understanding and ability to report on economic development in their respective areas and increase the transparency of public agencies in the distribution of funds for this purpose.

WFPI is pioneering a program designed to educate journalists in the use of public records and other open government laws in the United States and other first world countries to obtain information restricted or denied to them by their own governments.    

But increasing requests for assistance from independent media organizations from Cambodia to East Africa has strained WFPI resources and its ability to effectively respond to those requesting assistance.

As a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, all monetary or in-kind contributions to WFPI are fully tax deductible whether they be restricted to specific programs or general educational purposes.


Tax deductible contributions can be made to:
WFPI at: 2872 Ygnacio Valley Road #105, Walnut Creek, CA 94598.
Phone: 925-946-0872